The Impact of Onions on Human Diet

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Introduction Onions are best known as the staple in the food world today, with almost every dish using some form of onion to bring together or strengthen flavour. Onions are available in so many different colours shapes sizes and flavour, making it one of the most intricate ingredients one can have in the pantry. Onions are full of layers and each one represents the quality and value of an onion when compared to another. Onions travel and grow all around the world yet some countries are specialist and quite dominant when it comes to producing, importing and exporting. Origin The onion otherwise known by its taxonomy classification as Allium cepa by Carolus Linnaeus is one of the oldest crop known to man today. First according to Fritsch and Friesen (2002) representations of onions were present in Egyptian artifacts dating back to 2700 B.C which state that onions had been in use then. Egyptians felt that onions have a great quality that would help them in the afterlife leading to onions being imbedded into their culture. Columbian exchange was in effect for the Romans as they carried them on their way to places such as Germany and England, during the Middle Ages onions had become one of the main three vegetables of Europe served to both wealthy and poor. Finally strands of onion were already growing in North America when the pilgrims first arrived Brewster (2008). How onions are grown harvested and stored/ preserved Onions are grown from a seed which takes about 65 days or less to form good size bulbs depending on the type onion wanted. Green onions are the youngest form onions and can be pulled quite young. According to Tindall (1996) onions are fan of cool weather in the early stages of their growth since they have t... ... middle of paper ... Exchange, A. (2011). Onion top 10 Exporters. Retrieved from Faostat. (2012, August 27). Onions stats. Retrieved from Fritsch. , & Friesen, (2002). Evolution, domestication, and taxonomy.. (pp. 5-30). Wallingford, UK: CABI Publishing. Garden Association, N. (2012, May 03). Storing onions. Retrieved from Griffths, G. (2002). Onions—a global benefit to health. Phytotherapy Research. Onions Association, N. (2012, April 25). All about onions. Retrieved from Library, H. (2012). Onion consumption per capita. Retrieved from

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