The Illegal Proceeding of Christ's Trial

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There were many, many illegal things that happened at Jesus' trial. Their goal was to get Him condemned, not to truly and lawfully find out if He was guilty. They had been trying for a long time to find a way to put Him to death. Now, they had him in their hand and they did their best to get rid of Him. “If these men had intended to conduct a legal trial, a specific charge would have been made against Christ, and a warrant for His arrest would have been issued.”1 Since this was not what they wanted, they just twisted things to help them succeed in there agenda. This sounds like people in our government now a days. So now, what were some of the things that the Jewish leaders did? First, the law said that it was illegal to do any of the law processes for a capital offense at night time. Right away, we see that Jesus was rested in the Garden at night. We can find this in the Bible were it talks about the mob having lanterns when they came to get Jesus. We read in the Bible how they were afraid the capture Jesus in the temple, because of the people. By doing this night capture they were able to have a more secret arrest. Then these Jews went even further and had the trial at night. There was also the law that said that the trials had to take place after the morning sacrifices. Again we see that this law was also broken. Now lets take a look at Judas to see if what he did was even legal as far as the law goes. Judas was what would be called an accomplice of Jesus' since he was with Him. The law said that testimonies from accomplices were not allowed, but let they used Judas as a route of arresting Jesus. Earl L. Wingo says, “They had no warrant, nor authority of arrest whatsoever.”2 The normal process of arrest was done by two or ... ... middle of paper ... ...ling to do it for us. He did it so we can go to heaven. Lets not forget to thank Him and return our service to Him. Works Cited Lischak, Gabriel N. “12 Reasons Jesus’ Trial Was Illegal Part 1.” The Restored Church of God. Accessed March 19, 2014. Lischak, Gabriel N. “12 Reasons Jesus’ Trial Was Illegal Part 2.” The Restored Church of God. Accessed March 19, 2014. Wingo, Earle. The Illegal Trial of Jesus. N.p.: Chick Publications, n.d. Accessed March 19, 2014.

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