The Ideal Cup Of Coffee Essay

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Since working as a Barista at a local Starbucks, I can brew a perfect cup of coffee down to a point. You could ask different people in your family and they could tell you several different ways to make their version of a “perfect cup.” I have been studying constantly on how to become a Coffee Master by learning how to describe and pair coffee. One may think coffee tasting is strange, but wine tasting isn’t. Truth is, people have coffee tastings as much as people go out to a wine tasting. There are four different steps in preparing the ideal cup of coffee: proportion, grind, freshness, and water. Also, there is way to taste that perfect cup of coffee: smell, slurp, taste, and describe. Proportion is a crucial point in making coffee. Many …show more content…

Most people think a good way to store coffee is in the freezer, but that results in your coffee absorbing moisture or leaving your coffee exposed to oxygen in the bag. Oxygen and moisture are coffee’s biggest enemies. Another thing you may not know is that coffee expires six days after opened, or up to a maximum of two weeks if the coffee is handled correctly. If you keep your coffee in a cool dry place with the bag unopened your coffee could last up from six months to a year after the batch was cooked. Coffee should be ground fresh every time as grinding coffee releases the flavor profiles and the freshness in the coffee beans, and buying your coffee pre-ground can release flavors into your coffee making it taste stale. Additionally, coffee should never be …show more content…

Typically, darker roasts are more acidic, you will feel a sensation on the sides of your tongue, and tip of tongue is sweet. One can also taste all sorts of different tastes such as sweet, salty, bitter, also if the roast is light or heavy. There is no wrong answer when describing coffee. Sharing what you thought of the roast is a great way to help one find a perfect word to describe. Tasting of coffee can vary each person for example I think the coffee tastes very bitter, but someone else can think that the coffee tastes super acidic. Another way to help you describe the roast is what did the coffee remind you of or did you smell any certain flavors that you could point out such as if it tasted citrusy. Knowing all these steps in creating a perfect cup of coffee should be extremely easy for you to follow. There are four steps in becoming the best coffee maker and creating the best cup of coffee, proportion, grind, freshness, and water. For every six ounces of water, you should have two tablespoons of ground coffee. Water is extremely important in making the best cup of coffee. When coffee tasting, remembering the steps in tasting and being able to share your knowledge of coffee are smell, slurp, taste and describe. There is no wrong way to taste coffee it is more of sharing your knowledge and creating inspired

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