The House Of The Scorpion

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1. Summary:

2. Reflection of Book to Project

3. Connections to Other Books and Movies

4. Themes and Symbols

1. Summary:

The protagonist, Matt, is a young boy around the age of 6. The setting of the story is in Opium, in the future. Matt lives with his caretaker, Celia, who watches over him as mother-like figure but doesn’t like to be called mother. Celia works daily and leaves Matt to stay at home alone mourning for her absence. When Matt gets bored he would play with his toys and stare out the window into the vast poppy fields which surrounded his house. Matt wanted to play with three children that he surprisingly saw outside of his house, so he took a pot and smashed his window to get to them. By doing that Matt scraped his foot on the window and the three children carry him over to the “Big House”. There, Matt is taken care of where the nurse notices that on Matt’s foot it says, “Property of Alacrán Estate”. That is when they found out Matt was a clone. After they found out that Matt was a clone, they started treating him like a tool and locking him up in cells. Once the head honcho, El Patrón, came home to his Big House, everything changed. El Patrón was the head of large organization of the drug, opium. Matt was treated like a royal under El Patrón. El Patrón gave Matt special treatment because Matt was El Patrón’s clone. El Patrón needed Matt to be safe and healthy so that when the time came, El Patrón can steal Matt’s organs and prolong his own life. As that day grew closer, Matt not knowing that he is a tool for El Patrón lives his life as like he was one of El Patrón’s. When the day came, El Patrón’s personal doctor ordered for Matt immediately. When Matt entered the room Celia was there talking to El P...

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...ved and worked in the Big House because he was new and not human like everyone else who lived there.

Scorpions are shy and reserved but can strike a powerful blow against its prey, hence the reason why El Patrón chose it to be the crest of his family. The ironic thing about scorpions, scorpions eat other scorpions. This is pretty much like El Patrón trying to steal Matt’s heart. The scorpion is a great comparison to El Patrón.

Discrimination is strong in this book because clones and lifeless people, eejits, are treated below animals of a house. Eejits are what the people who have had a chip inserted into their brains where they stop thinking and just do as they’re told. The eejits are treated so bad that they work on the fields and forget to drink and die on the job.

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