The Hobbit Journey Of The Journey

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There are heroes around the world that go on incredible adventures to save people, but all of these heroes go on a different journey to complete their quest. There are heroes that are traditional heroes that everyone knows, like Superman or Batman. There are also other heroes like non-traditional heroes. They aren’t known for being a hero they are just regular people. These people do things that are brave. Examples of these non-traditional heroes are Mr. Wagamese and Bilbo Baggins. They were regular people living regular lives until something happened in their life that compelled them to become heroes. Bilbo Baggins was just a regular hobbit living a peaceful life until a group of dwarves and a mighty wizard came along and gave him a life changing…show more content…
Mr. Wagamese was going solo without the help of others. Meanwhile Bilbo is a strong individual but for the journey, he had a team of 13 dwarves and a powerful wizard by his side to support him. “You asked me to find the fourteenth man for your expedition, and I chose Mr. Baggins.” (Tolkien 23) This was what Gandalf had said when the dwarves thought Bilbo wasn’t good enough to join them on their important quest. When Mr. Wagamese went against his town in an attempt to inform the citizens of the damage they were inflicting to the city, he was alone. Although the citizens were not very educated on the topic of deforestation, Mr. Wagamese faced them and educated him without the help of any other people. This shows that he is an independent individual who doesn’t need the help of other when he is in tough situations. Bilbo had shown that he is a strong individual who can get through tough times. In a risky and dangerous journey, at times Bilbo showed that he needs a bit of help from his companions, the dwarves along with Gandalf. Mr. Wagamese was able to stand up and face the citizens with just his strong personality. Bilbo has a few tough enemies to get through and a couple of times he needed help from the dwarves in times of battle. This shows that Mr. Wagamese is an independent individual and in the difficult journey to Smaug, Bilbo is reliant on his

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