The History of IBM

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International Business Machines Corporation, better known as IBM, is a corporation that is and always has been based completely around information handling. From their first scales, to the super computers of today, almost all of IBM’s products have been designed and developed to record, process, communicate, store, or retrieve information. IBM has been a leading developer and innovator from the late 19th century up to today. IBM was officially incorporated in New York City on June 6, 1911 as C-T-R, Computing-Tabulating- Recording Company. However, the true origins of the company can be traced to the 19th century during which several smaller businesses merged to form one large company. During the 1880’s and 1890’s, several small manufacturing companies formed and patents were made including the patent for the first computing scale, tabulator, dial recorder, and Willard and Frick Manufacturing company. Each of these patent creators and manufacturers would later be acquired by IBM in some way. In 1911, Charles F. Flint created the merger of Hollerith’s Tabulating Machine Company with Computing Scale Company of America and International Time Recording Company creating Computing - Tabulating – Recording Company. With their base in New York City, 1,300 employees, and smaller offices and plants in surrounding states C-T-R manufactured and sold machinery including commercial scales, industrial time recorders, tabulators, punch cards, and meat and cheese slicers. Early on in C-T-R’s life, the 3 merged companies were not getting along. Because of difficulties, founder Charles Flick brought in Thomas J. Watson, former executive of Nation Cash Register Company. Watson turned the company around by promoting good workmans... ... middle of paper ... ...htly, the company was back about 100 billion in the following year. Works Cited Ellis, J. (2014, February 22). IBM's Watson (B. Harris, Ed.). Retrieved March 11, 2014, from Wise Geek website: what-is-ibms-watson.htm Financials. (n.d.). Retrieved March 11, 2014, from IBM.Com website: IBM Archives [Fact sheet]. (n.d.). Retrieved March 11, 2014, from website: IBM Summary. (n.d.). Retrieved March 11, 2014, from MSN Money website: charts?symbol=US:IBM#{"zRange":"11","startDate":"2006-3-31","endDate":"2014-3-10" ,"frequency":"m","chartStyle":"mountain","chartCursor":"1","scaleType":"0","yaxis Align":"right","mode":"pan"}

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