The Great War: Development of Technology and Weapons

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World War I, also known as the Great War was a time of major development for technology and weapons used in combat. World War I was the first time many new weapons were being used during war. The Great War started in 1914 and ended in 1918, it is known as the “first modern war” due the technology and weapons they used. The advances in technology and weaponry made World War I the most significant war of that time.
The Great War began due to many different factors, there were four significant reasons for the start of the war. First was nationalism, which is when a country has so much pride in themselves that they become arrogant in certain situations. Secondly, “imperialism is when a country uses it’s force to take control over weaker territories using military, political, and economic power.” (Lintner 4/14) This means that stronger countries who think they need to help weaker countries will overthrow them. Next was militarism, this is when a country has a strong military spirit, which is created during times of peace. During times of peace armies can grow at a rapid rate causing other countries to become suspicious of what is going on. Lastly, there was no organization between countries. Previous to World War I, there was no one to introduce rules and an order to international affairs. All of these problems built up tension among the countries, causing the outbreak of the war in 1914. (Causes for World War I 1)
World War I was a battle between the Allied Powers and the Central Powers. The Allies primarily consisted of Serbia, Japan, Great Britain, France, Russia and Italy. On the other side of the battle there were the Central Powers which included Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. (Beginnings and the Aftermath 1)...

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