The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Gatsby was the main focus in the story. It

Was about HIM and how HIS feelings about Daisy. He loved her more than anything

And it basically shows how much he risked for her and how much her opinion

Mattered to him. He specifically planned everything out, and made it seem like it

Was simply fate for them to be together. He had this vision of his life and he saw

Daisy in it, and he did what he could to insure that she would be a part of his future,

as well as his past.

In The Great Gatsby, there are a lot of symbolisms and themes that revolve

around the American dream. An example is wealth. In the Great Gatsby, it proves that

wealth is not needed to have class, and vice versa. Poverty, on the other hand, restricts

decision and action. George Wilson, for example, is unable to go West with Myrtle

“because he doesn’t have enough money.. Gatsby has a big dream and lives an

extraordinary lifestyle. However, his persona is 100 percent his. He grew up poor and he

didn’t exactly like that. So, he changed his name to get away from his past. The main

reason he tried to hard to advance is because of a girl named Daisy. He fell in love with

her and he wanted to marry her. But he couldn’t because he was poor. Daisy was rich,

you see. And rich girls didn’t marry poor boys. That’s where his dreams come

in. Because he was born into a poor life, his dream was that one day, he could

become rich. And when he does achieve it, that reflects the “American Dream”. But

his dream was also his downfall. His obsession with the past is what kills him. He wanted

the relationship he had with Daisy in the past. He couldn’t face the fact that that was

YEARS ago and things have changed since then. He was so blinded that he didn’t s...

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... the green light represents

Gatsby’s hopes and dreams for the future. Gatsby associates it

with Daisy. Because Gatsby’s quest for Daisy is associated with the American dream, the

green light also symbolizes that idea. Nick compares the green light to how America,

rising out of the ocean, must have looked to early settlers of the new nation. Another

example is The Valley of Ashes. It represents the moral and social decay that resulted

from the pursuit of wealth. The rich basically care about nothing except their own


In conclusion, I also see greed as a theme for The Great Gatsby. Many of the

characters become jealous of those who have more and want it for themselves.

The American dream is declining because it isn’t enough anymore. People are always

wanting more. more than that. They prefer a mansion to a house, money over family

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