The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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With the dawning future nearing, F. Scott Fitzgerald had already prepared the ideal person and image he wanted associated with him. Having a humble beginning in life, Fitzgerald craved for the sweetness of success and could vividly imagine the taste slithering between and over his taste buds; as a result, this fuelled his motivation to achieve what it was that he dreamt. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, published in 1925, the main character, Jay Gatsby, shares the visions of Fitzgerald as they both limitedly shape the destiny of what is to come, ultimately molding the same figure. Throughout the storyline of The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald emulates the lifestyle depicted in the novel from Tom and Daisy to Gatsby. Although the Fitzgerald’s differ in certain aspects of the plot, both Scott and Zelda’s conduct and character parallel that of the story through the love that proves faulty in the end; wealth that creates a boundary between old money and new money results in inevitable judgment towards the owner of new money; ambition and aspirations guiding both men, Fitzgerald and Gatsby, down the path of eminent opportunity presented in the well-known American Dream .
The second world war of the 1900’s brought F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jay Gatsby the woman of their wondrous dreams, Zelda and Daisy (Fitzgerald, Brief Life of Fitzgerald). Young, beautiful, and with porcelain white skin, Fitzgerald and Gatsby began to mount their impractical expectations of Zelda and Daisy when they extended their patience to the limit while waiting for them to return from the prolonged war (Fitzgerald, Brief Life of Fitzgerald). In order for Fitzgerald and Gatsby to undo their unrequited love, their social status became a priority; ther...

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