The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby Essay

In all human life relationships are very important, and this is shown in many different aspects of human life . Relationships are so significant that Authors often use them as the revolving point of their stories. Such as in The Great Gatsby the author F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the different relationships as the revolving point in his story. Fitzgerald shows how the relationships between the couples in The Great Gatsby are similar in many different ways. The couples in The Great Gatsby are Gatsby and Daisy, Tom and Myrtle, and Myrtle and her husband. Each couple in this play has a dishonest relationship in which one or both are Unfaithful to their significant other.

The relationship between Gatsby and Daisy is one of constant lies, and deceit. Gatsby falls in love with Daisy before he goes to the Army as a young man, and Daisy fell in love with him too. Yet Daisy is very materialistic and Tom, a very rich man came into place and Daisy married him instead of waiting for Gatsby like she had promised. Gatsby waited for Daisy but she did not wait for him, and instead married Tom just for his money. This shows how there relationship has been riddled with lies since the very beginning of the story.

The relationship between Myrtle and her husband is insincere, loveless, and dead. Myrtles husband George, who is lifeless, poor, and often dirty, owns a garage in the valley of ashes. While George is completely devoted to his wife Myrtle, on the other hand myrtle has lost love for her husband, and desires for a more elegant fast pace life. Myrtle tries to find a way to fix the situation between her and her husband, but instead she takes the easy way out and cheats on her husband with Tom a very rich, prominent, and handsome man who gives her everything that she desires, but he is also a married man.
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