The Great El Draque (The Dragon)

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“ It isn’t that life that’s ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better” – Francis Drake. Sir Francis Drake was a lover of the sea. He was the most famous sailor of the middle ages. Not only did he travel around the world on his own, he also helped defeat the Spanish Armada. Francis Drake was an explorer who lived in the 1500’s, who is known for being a great sailor and for circumnavigating the world.
Sir Francis Drake was born around 1540-1544, in Tavistalk Devon (Trueman). His birth date still to this day is unidentified. Francis was the oldest of twelve kids (The His parents were Mary Mylwaye Drake and Edmond Drake. He started going to sea at the age 12-13 (Explorer and Leaders). Francis was an apprentice for a trading ship. When the owner died it was up to Drake to keep it going. His first job was working for a costal freighter that wasn’t vary small (Trueman). When the owner of this small shop died he willed him a boat in his death because the owner had no family that was still alive (Trueman). This boat was what started his sailing career.
In the 1560s Francis was given command of his own ship named the Judith (The The Spanish considered him as a pirate, because pirates stole boats and took people and killed them (Trueman). The Spanish also called him El Draque witch meant the dragon (Trueman). In 1588 he was appointed to be the vice admiral of the English Navy under Lord Charles Howard (The He wasn’t really a bad person.
On Francis’ journey around the world Queen Elizabeth I gave Drake, John Winter and Thomas Doughty permission to travel around the world. They sailed to lots of places including Plymouth England, Brazil, and Strait of Magellan, Tierra del Fueg...

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