The Great British Media and Its Influence on the Way We View a Crime

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M3.) The Great British media has a huge influence over the way we view crime, there are many different forms of media such as television, radio, advertising, the internet, newspapers, magazines, music and films, due to this media reaches as massive audience across the world, influencing a great number of people and how people view crime. With flashing headline the public can easily be influence to think that crime is all around them and that they are in danger. Because the media does reach such a huge audience it is easy to influence people belief about the level of crime by the style of reporting large headlines with a recent crime can influence how a persons belief of crime in there area, and that it is rising. Studies have proved that a large percentage of the public, depend upon the media as an informative source about crime, and that they form their opinion about crime according to what they see or read in the media. The public are lead to believe by the media that violent crime is increasing , this is because people fear violence whereas in reality white collar crime is increa...
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