The Goals of Summer

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When May comes for most kids only one thing is on their mind. Summer break! As they finish up their school the kids prepare for long lazy afternoons, swimming, and just being kids. They don’t need to worry about a paper that needs to be done or math homework! Instead they can just sit back and relax. I like many other kids however think of experience and worthwhile experiences when it comes to my summer break. While I certainly don’t want to leave out relaxing besides the beach, a summer break can give me experiences I couldn’t otherwise have such as practicing a new skill. My goals for the summer are to learn something that I don’t have time to learn during the school year, relax, and most importantly to just have fun.

When some kids think about their summer break they think of opportunity. They want to try something they haven’t tried before. Such as learning a new sport, or taking up a musical instrument. I would like to take up something new and wish to learn, practice, and feel confident in a skill of some sorts before my summer ends. My decision isn’t clear of what to learn but that leaves tons of experiences out there for me to choose from.

Learning a new skill during my summer break is a goal of mine but its opposite is also an aspiration of mine, and that is to just relax. Having a break from school work gives me more of an opportunity to just lie back and enjoy having nothing to do. Relaxing the whole summer away may not be smart, but relaxing to enjoy the extra hours of free time defiantly is nice!

The last of my summer goals is the most important one, and that is to just have a good time. Balance is key to enjoying summer. If I were to sit on my couch throughout the summer boredom will quickly seep in and that’s never fun or memorable. Also if I were to work during the whole summer and have no time for myself then I’ll be burnt out just when school starts back up and I need my energy the most. Balancing these two things will make me have a very fun, memorable, and exciting summer without stress!

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