The Gilded Age Essay

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When my parents immigrated from India in their early twenties, they did not have much to live with. They were scared due to the new environment, the new language and the new technology.Not to mention they did not know anyone other than themselves and had to rely on each other and work different jobs to live in a stable home and earn food for the table. Everyone in the U.S is an immigrant from their family tree, each American has their own story of how their family originated from different places around the world. The Gilded age was a time period for the U.S that had either helped the people or hurt the people. The Gilded Age occurred after the Civil War and World War I . People would portray the Gilded Age of the U.S changing into a more industrial age with the technology of the steamboat and other inventions. Not to mention many immigrants from all places came to the U.S to live the American Dream with the white picket fence etc. Yet not all immigrants had the chance to live that dream. One of the events that took place during the Gilded Age was described as “ Only one of the most instances of violent class conflict that occurred in the Industrializing United States” (58). This event was the Lattimer Massacre of 1897. Lattimer is a small town in Pennsylvania popular for its mining business, where nineteen workers were killed by the…show more content…
The Europeans and Americans had different views on certain points. The Gilded Age had revolved the class structure along with racial and ethnic identifications (766). In “The Gilded Age Wasn’t So Gilded in the Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania” by Paul A. Shackel, an American Anthropologist at the University of Maryland explains the Gilded Age had affected Pennsylvania, specifically the Lattimer Massacre and the outcomes of that

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