The Genre of Stoker's Dracula

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This is almost like an epic poem. The theme in this case is of good

versus evil. The evil has almost supernatural powers yet the good

triumph over it. The good consists of ordinary men, god fearing and

courageous. They are consistent in their effort to stamp out evil. In

the end they triumph over evil even though the evil is very strong.

This theme slowly and steadily gathers momentum until it becomes

clearer in the end.

In Dracula, Bram Stoker emphasizes how as the daylight ends, the

horror begins, for from the depths of the swirling mist, he (Dracula)

appears, his pointed teeth gleaming as he edges towards his victims.

This is Count Dracula the King of the Un- dead - the dreaded vampire.

Centuries old, he walks the earth to quench his insatiable thirst for

the blood that gives him life.


The style of the author is simple, in a narrative manner the story of

Dracula unfolds. Stoker is almost autobiographical in context, where

he projects himself into all of the major characters of Dracula. His

family is thrown into the hued characters of the book and bristles

with repression, apprehension of homosexuality, devouring women and

rejecting mothers. The style is vastly descriptive especially the

physical aspects. His style especially the sexual tension in the

scenes not only titillates with its potential for homo-erotic union,

but also arouses the characterî–¸ hidden wells of sexuality and fantasy,

which were earlier unspoken of amongst Victorians.

Stoker exposes the sexual aspect of the book by making the women (the

three women vampires) usurp the male prerogative of initiating sex. It

shatters the myth that only f...

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an issue of his time, when religion and superstitions were examined

and rejected by modern science. This issue has been discussed in other

Gothic novels as well; for example in Lewis′ The Monk, religion and

men of the church are presented as evil, with plans of sexual

seduction and power.

Dracula has had many interpretations and was analysed by many

researchers over the years. It has been a very popular novel, this is

why there will always be the danger of over-interpretation to deal

with. However interesting all these theories may be, the fact is that

Bram Stoker wrote a Gothic novel full of dark places and people, that

still fascinates us with its vampires and the struggle of common human

beings against darkness and evil; having in mind anything else than

that, could destroy the joy of reading the book.
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