The Feminican Republic: The History Of The Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean. It is half of the island of Hispaniola (the other half being Haiti). Many parts of the Dominican Republic are now seen as popular vacation spots (Puerto Plata and Punta Cana). The Dominican Republic has the most visitors in the Caribbean. The country is beautiful; with breathtakingly gorgeous beaches and unique geography. Not only is the geography diverse, but the people are as well. Dominican people come in all different races. The beauty of the Dominican Republic’s county is apparent. The history of this country however, was not always so beautiful. Like most Latin American countries, the Dominican Republic had a long line of aggressive leaders. From caudillos to dictators, Latin…show more content…
Her birthday landed on the anniversary of the Dominican Republic’s Independence Day, which is why her parent’s gave her the name Patria (meaning “fatherland” or homeland). Patria was the last of her sisters to join the efforts. She joined soon after she witnessed a massacre by Trujillo’s men. Patria was very supportive of her sister’s efforts against the Trujillo regime. Patria’s main concern was for the future her country and for the children who would become the future.

The Mirabal Sisters’ husbands also were anti-Trujillo and helped them form a group of supporters. Their group was called the Movement of the Fourteenth of June. It was named after the date of the massacre that Patria had witnessed. They wanted to spread knowledge of the disgusting things that Trujillo was doing to the people of the Dominican Republic that many people were blind to. They distributed pamphlets to the people and called themselves “Las Mariposas” (“the Butterflies”).

Trujillo did not take kindly to this revolt. He did what he could to quiet the sisters. He jailed them (and their husbands) took their property and made their life as difficult as he could. However the sisters never lost sight of their goal. They wanted to free their country of this government and nothing was going to stop them. Not even

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