The Fatherless Daughter Project Essay

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Reclaiming a life that you never had is hard to do, but trying to understand why your father was not around is even harder. In the novel, “The Fatherless Daughter Project,” Denna D. Babul describes the life of a young trying to reclaim and understand her life without her father around. She says “most woman who grew up without a father struggle with their own personal relationships later down the road”. That clarifies the reclaiming of a life most of us like Miss Babul never had. Pervious relationships that we all had, 20 percent of those failed, because of our insecurities and lack or emotional support for our significant other.
There were times that I see my father, like holidays, mainly Christmas. I called him by his name because saying
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Ms. Babul would say that I am a young girl who is afraid to let my guard down, and she just may be right. My first relationship I had in high school failed because of my lack of emotional support. I was dating Brian who was so sweet and had unconditional love for me at the time I was unable to give that back to him. I was never taught how to love a man besides my grandfather, who is not my father! Brian would pick me up for school every morning in his 2008 Chevy comers, take to McDonalds he knew exactly what I wanted “an Egg McMuffin with a hash brown “. He took the time to find out so much about me and told me so much about him, Brian felt like there was always something missing we both found out the day his father was killed in a care cash. November of 2008 on a gloomy Sunday night I got a phone call from Brian I knew something was wrong he never calls at 2 am in the morning, the tone of his voice was frantic he was sobbing telling me his father had been killed in a car cash. After spelling his heart out to me, he waited for responds from me and I had nothing to say but “your strong, it may take some time but you will be okay, I will see you…show more content…
I felt terrible because of how I ended our conversation the night before, as I walked to Brian in with a look of shame in my face the first thing he says to me is “how could you not be there for me last night I needed you ?” I said “Brian your mom and dad are not together ad he didn’t live with you, and you didn’t talk about him much, so what did you want me to say?” He looked at me with a face of disbelief and one had against the locker, and said “you really are a nonemotionally bitter female who only cares about herself, just because you never had a father that does not mean I don’t, I love my dad and the bull shit you pull on me will never happen again because I can’t be with someone like you’’. Showing no emotion, I kindly walked away thinking about what kind of female I was at the time. Like nightmares of my past Brian and I relationship faded into something that was no more. I was no longer able to call him for male support, no one to blame but myself. Did my father actions really effect my life and change my views on relationship? will I ever grow out of this? Those were the questions I asked myself though out my entire high school years. Like most I was an insecure female who didn’t know how to support a man emotionally, afraid to let my guard down and hiding behind the words that should have proceeded out of my mouth to make things
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