The Fascinations of Art

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The Fascinations of Art The earth without art would be lifeless. We would just live in a world where everything would be black and white, with no movement, no texture, and no culture. Art is used all over the world to tell stories of people’s pasts and futures. It allows people to have a voice of their own that can tell the world what they feel without saying a word. It’s hard to think of a society without artists who want to bring life into this stale world of ours. Painting is a remunerative career which has an appealing and breathtaking history, provides a growing education and training, and benefits security through a positive career. A painter is someone who allows himself/herself to create art by using a vast amount of mediums. A person doesn’t necessary have to have a college degree in order to become a painter. Although he or she would mostly have an advantage if the art career doesn’t necessary suits their expectations. A painter works to produce high quality art. Painters may begin as illustrators and eventually develop into selling their paintings. Before selling, they usually have an exhibition where people can see their work. Painters work in studios of different forms. The studious may be located in one’s own garage, house, office building or by a beautiful landscape. A painter works with “water color, acrylics, oil, egg temporary collage, and some exotic combinations (Brommer 156)”. There is a variety of media that one can use to create art. Painters “work with models, still-life, animals, or flowers” as their muse (156). Basically, one can use absolutely anything as their muse. For example, one can look at the sky, statues, or even get the idea from their own mind. To be a painter, one should take the tim... ... middle of paper ... ...ience of peacefulness in where a student can be free to express themselves through art. SMFA is a fascinating campus where everyone is interested in the same thing as the student wanting to pursue art. There is nobody that can judge them for what they are doing because everyone wants to pursue the same career and life. Students are free to do whatever they want, and the world is their canvas. Art is a beautiful thing in life. The “earth” without “art” is just “eh” ("STREET ART”). Art is used in every aspect of life. It makes the world revolve, making it more interesting to live in. It allows people to throw out all that is bottled in them and create beautiful exquisite art. Painting is a career that allows one to express oneself without having a specific way of demonstrating it. One can learn history and many fascinating things that can be used to create art.
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