'The Fall Of The House Of Usher': What Makes The Criminal Mind?

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What makes the criminal mind? Many believe it’s the natural born mind that provokes his violet acts or thoughts which makes the human mind the most dangerous criminal of all. With this also brings the theory of society’s way of life the people in one’s society or man’s past experience of traumatic events influence the human mind. One man named Edgar Allan Poe has brought these theories into question. Which his characters demonstrate the characteristic of a criminal, with wicked thoughts or behavior. This author makes the reader feel the emotion the insanity and the darkness of his characters. What were his reasons his intentions, his influence to produce such characters. Was it his natural born mind, society or traumatic past experience?…show more content…
Usher who seems to not be able to coop with the sickness and death of his twin sister. The house in what they lived was tearing down having such a big crack symbolizing them falling apart the atmosphere of the house filled with darkness and sadness. The moment Mr. Usher broke of insanity knowing that his sister Madeline was not died in her tomb has such a powerful tone to the reader. According to Poe stated, “Oh, pity me, miserable wretch that I am! - I dared not- I dared not speak!” (McMichael, Leonard, pg.511). Moreover, Poe further stated “that have put her living in the tomb!”(McMichael, Leonard, pg.511). The climax of the story is how insane he gets from knowing of what he did to his sister the darkness and insanity of Mr. Usher was not caused by the corrupt of society nor by man’s own thoughts it was simply the buildup of what he was experiencing of losing a love one. Poe gave a good closure to this story entombing them both Mr. Usher and his sister together because without each other they both cannot…show more content…
With this idea Prospero shortly realized a figure dressed in red, with anger he calls upon this figure with little known he called upon his doom. Poe states the selfishness of Prospero; the material reads “The external world could take care of itself. In the meantime it was folly to grieve, or to think” (Poe 1842) Poe’s character of Prospero established the corrupt of society that has made man selfish. The Red death was the justice for Prospero actions, for this death was his prison. Poe’s ending was yet again correct proving that no matter what way you try to conceal yourself from death, death is

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