The Failuer Of Comon Sense

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The Failure of Common Sense Have you ever noticed the common sense labels on devises now a days? There are hundreds of examples of people doing stupid things that have forced companies to put ridicules warning labels on just about every device out there. The world today is like you are back in elementary school. How? Well, if you can remember, if one person in the class did something wrong everyone would be punished. Now, even as adults, if one person does something stupid with a device and kills or injures there selves the company is forced to put a warning label on the device. Most products come with a warning label showing you how not to use the object. People have actually sued companies because they used the product wrong Our society's lack in common sense can be seen easily by reading any warning label out there. For example, did you know that you're not supposed to use birthday candles as earplugs or for any other function that involves insertion into a body cavity? Well, you should, because it is written right on the box. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know you should not use your power drill as a dental drill, and if you didn't know that don't worry it is written on the front page of the manual. You don’t even have worry about being a spoilsport when your kids ask to play in the dishwasher, because the warning label has that covered. Need more examples? Motorola has recently went on FOX news after hearing some people have tried to dry their phones by putting them in the microwave. Not only has Motorola put a “do not microwave” warning label on their phones, but they have put the same warning label on all their other products. Why would you even try to put an electrical device in the microwave? Common sense can... ... middle of paper ... ...tting lower and that means at one point no one will have common sense. If no one on earth had common sense the world would fall into total anarchy. Crimes would happen every day, death would also follow because people would end up not knowing if it was wrong or right. Do you ever think that the rate of people with common sense will rise? I think it is possible if people would just pay attention and not just do stupid stuff like what I mentioned earlier spilling their coffee on themselves or sticking their phone in a microwave. The world just needs to think about what they are doing and learn to tell the difference between right and wrong. If they did the world could prosper. Always remember the real world is just like school. If you do something stupid enough to where they need a label to tell you not to then the rest of the world will be punished for your actions.

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