The Evolution Of The Music Industry

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Over time the Music industry has experienced a great deal of change. A technology revolution has changed almost every aspect of the music industry, from the artist right through to the listener/consumer. Not unlike other forms of media, the music industry has been forced to move with the times, adapt to change and this has resulted in a difference for both the industry and the consumer. The industry has shifted from one where the supplier groups held all the power to an industry where the buyer groups now hold most of the power. ("The Evolution of The Music Industry," 2014) Within the Music industry there are content creators (artists), the distributors (suppliers), the promoters, the sellers, and the consumers. The internet has reduced…show more content…
Because there is a wide variety of music choices, and easy accessibility, major labels no longer hold the power they once had.("The Evolution of The Music Industry," 2014) and its a lot easier for smaller recording companies to set up and release their music to the…show more content…
(Hamelink, 2014) And when you think of the NZ music industry, globalisation has a huge part to play in the success of recent artists like Lorde who 10 to 20 years ago would have found it considerably hard to reach the US and European market place, enabling them to become

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