The Eulogy Of My Great Grandparents

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I believe it’s hard to imagine all the events that led up to the present and the people that are no longer here but contributed to our lives. When I think about all my ancestors that had to survive all the things that has happened up til now that I have read about in textbooks it’s a miracle we are all here. Trying to learn about all the people in my family’s tree was interesting to figure how my ancestors came about, what they did, and how long they lived. I learned mostly about my mother’s side of the family who have lived and flourished in the south. I haven’t done anything great yet, but I am hoping when my grandchildren have to write about me they have something awesome to write about and will think I did something good with my life. My Great Grandparents on my grandma’s side all were from Texas and pretty much all of my family is in Texas. One of my great grandparents was Dennis Williams he worked as a roughneck which is a person who worked at an oil rig and that was the prominent job for men to have in the south other than farming. He…show more content…
Unlike Dennis Williams my other great grandpa he was not drafted to the war the reasons are unknown to my family, but he probably was 18 or 19 which made it unlikely he would be drafted in those times. Although my great grandpa didn’t go to war he was a sharecropper, a person who gives crops as payment for bills or other necessities. The Great Depression affected my grandparents because they lived in an agricultural state. My great grandma was a caregiver to a disabled woman where she was, her nurse and help her with everyday needs. This job was more appropriate for the time because she didn’t have as much struggle balancing her family and work as well as not having her husband in the war. Out of those five children, one was my grandma who is alive today and is very
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