The Ethical System Of Utilitarianism

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Utilitarianism is an ethical system that states that one should make moral choices based on which moral option brings the most pleasure and for the most people. This system is a consequentialist one, meaning that means or actions do not matter; only the consequences or results of one’s actions determine if the choice made was morally right or wrong. Actions and decisions can only be evaluated by the results they produce. If someone’s actions result in more pain than pleasure, then that action is determined to be a morally wrong one; if an action results in the most pleasure for the most people, then it is considered morally good. This system can be hard to apply when evaluating and weighing moral options since it is a consequentialist system; …show more content…

Virtue ethics states that happiness is derived from a thing’s functionality, or final cause. The only thing that leads to true happiness is fulfilling one’s final cause. To apply this to humans, they be defined. Aristotle postulated that a humans are rational animals; since their rationality is what sets them apart from all other animals, it is their most important faculty. A good life for a human then, according to Aristotle, is one that fulfills practical rationality and exemplifies virtue. Aristotle believed that there were cardinal virtues that were necessary to a person’s happiness and well-being. Justice, courage, wisdom, and temperance were essential ingredients in order for a person to live well. Aristotle goes further and says that the virtues must also be balanced, as too much of these virtues can still do harm. For example, too much courage just leads to stupid and even dangerous decisions, which is not something that lends to a person’s well-being. Now. in this dilemma, I would choose to lie to the Nazis. Virtue ethics includes justice and courage, both of which play especially huge roles in this decision. Justice, because what being done to the Jews is wrong, so it is necessary that I do everything I can protect them. Courage, because getting caught in a lie would almost certainly mean

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