The Effects of World War One on British Women

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The Effects of World War One on British Women “Without The First World War British Women Would Not Have Gained The

Right To Vote In 1918”

I disagree with the statement that, if it were not for the War, women

would never have gained the right to vote.

Between 1900 and 1914 the many Female movements applied a vast amount

of pressure on the Government. Making British women’s suffrage

inevitability rather than a possibility. The reason why they did

achieve the vote in 1918 was not because of the Suffragette or

Suffragist movements, neither was it solely because of the female

involvement in the War. Rather that it is unjustifiable to not allow

someone mentally capable a say in politics, when politics affects

their way of life.

Many who argued against women being allowed suffrage were

Politicians, for example Source C: An argument against votes for

women, from a speech made in 1912 by Lord Curzon, a Conservative

leader. “Women do not have the experience to be able to vote. But

there are other problems as well: the way women have been educated,

their lack of strength, and the duties they have. If women did gain

the vote, it would mean that most voters would be women. What would be

the effects of this on the Government?” These were the general lines

of argument that opposing members of Female suffrage used. If

anything, politicians feared the possible imp...

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Society’s attitudes were changing on the status of women in Britain

and continentally since it pioneered in the 1860’s with the work of

Caroline Norton. As democracy and justice, the morals on which our

country was based and is still based were becoming clearly evident in

other cases in the nation. So eventually women would obtain the right

to vote. It was not though women’s brave patriotic war service that

they gained the right to vote in 1918; it was the gradual evolution of

modern society’s way of thought. The belief that we are all equal, and

must be treated as equals. As women’s as well as other once lesser

people have obtained equal rights universally. In a strive to cut out

sexism and racism as we can now see it’s unfair effects. As we strive

to put equality in to practice not just speech.

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