The Effects Of Sexual Abuse On Children

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This paper is about how to deal with or counsel children who have been sexually abused, and the long term effects from sexual abuse that children may develop from this kind of abuse. This paper will consist of a counseling model that is sufficient, effective, and necessary when dealing with children who have been sexually abused. In this paper, gender is targeted most in sexual abuse, and why most children are unaware of sexual abuse coming. Also, being discussed is the different types of sexual abuse children can endure and why their abusers might choose them. Children who experience any sexual act of abuse needs to be involved in a sufficient therapy to confront and overcome their traumatic event and effects of sexual abuse. Children should never experience sexual abuse feeling powerless and victimized. Finally, this paper will discuss an effective counseling model that can be utilized for children that are sexually abused. Many children who have experienced sexual abuse do not realize the impact it has on their lives. Children are afraid to break the silence about their sexual abuse and report it because of the reaction from parents, family members, or the fear of breaking up the family. Children keep quiet about their sexual abuse because of their involvement and fear of being rejected by others. Children may also keep silent due to the fear of their perpetrator or their perpetrator has trained the child to believe it was their fault. Many children who have never received the proper help will suffer with long lasting effects from sexual abuse. It is very important to counsel children who have been sexually abused at a young age. Sexual abuse can be very harmful in a child’s younger and adolescent years when developing in the ... ... middle of paper ... ...lopmental and psychological stages in life. Children who have experienced sexual abuse will go through stages of displaying feelings, thoughts, fear, hurt and pain which can have short-term and long term effects on a child development stage and adolescent stage. Through effective play therapy in the counseling process, children will be able to function properly through their problems and experiences that have occurred. The approaches that are incorporated in this counseling model were Play Therapy and Child-Centered Play Therapy. The main approach used in this counseling model was Child- Centered Play Therapy. CCPT allows children who are incapable of communicating effectively to verbally express themselves through a child natural language play. This counseling model consists of many components that make this model effective when counseling children sexually abused.

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