The Disadvantages Of Learning Foreign Languages

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Computers nowadays can translate all kinds of languages. However, I still do believe that children need to learn foreign languages.

To start off, learning foreign languages is an advantage to the children’s future career path. Being able to speak in foreign languages will definitely be a handy skill for children when they grow up. The worlds does not only consist of English speakers, we often need to communicate with people who do not speak the same languages as we do. Companies, especially international enterprises, will more likely employ candidates who speak many languages fluently. It will be an advantage for children if they start learning foreign languages at their childhood. It is also unrealistic for people to use their laptops or
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Although it is true that computers nowadays can translate almost all sorts of languages, the translation result are however, often found to be only literal and are grammatically incorrect. Taking the English language as an example, there are numerous English norms on how different vocabularies should be used on different situations, grammar rules and idioms; Yet, computers do not take these into account when translating. As a result, the translation result is often incorrect or it does not convey the full meaning. The translation results from computers are only for reference and should not be relied on. If we rely on the computer’s translation system, we may even get incorrect result! The solution to this problem is that children start to learn foreign languages from an early stage; If so, they can be able to fully understand and use the languages in a way that makes grammatical…show more content…
Studying a foreign language can help children increase their sensitivity to and understanding of the language, values, customs, and traditions of others. This, in turn fosters a sense of humanity, friendship, and diversity awareness. Knowing a languages does not only simply mean being able to type the foreign language and letting the computer to translate it for you. The language of a country often reflects their very own culture. We are not the only ones in the world, it is important for us to have the sense of the global community and to know more and respect different diverse languages and cultures. Not only do you learn the grammar of a language, but also its culture behind. Through appreciating literature works of different languages, children will be able to immerse themselves into different cultures and traditions. Researchers have even suggested that bilingual students tend to understand better in their mother tongue.

Although it is true that it is never “too late” for people to learn new foreign languages, many studies have shown that children usually have higher leaning ability, especially in languages than adults. This is because of their natural exposure to the language environment since childhood. It is much more difficult for adults to pick up a new language. So, if children start to learn a new language starting from their childhood, they would become
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