The Different Lives of Jake Barnes and Brett Ashley in The Sun Also Rises

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In the novel The Sun Also Rises we read about two characters that seem to depend on each other. Ernest Hemingway writes this story ingeniously to show how these two characters are intertwined with one another. One character can't get away from the other because of the friendship they share. We have to look at the lives of Jake Barnes and Brett Ashley from both points of view to understand how they are complicated. Brett Ashley was a different type of lady. She drinks all the time and enjoys the company of men. When she feels unhappy she drinks more. Hemingway's character the count said, "Let's enjoy a little more of this," Brett pushed her glass forward. The count poured very carefully. "There, my dear. Now you enjoy that slowly, and then you can get drunk" (Hemingway 66). She does not work because she is always depending on men to pay for everything. She always depends on Jake to save her when she runs into trouble. The only good that came from Brett was that she didn't take any money from Mike when she left with Pedro. The other time she was good is when she...
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