The Dichotomy Of Collectivism And Individualism

A. Establishing the need
1. There are many reasons as to why collectivism and individualism an important topic to discuss. Many discussions could be had on the complex differences between cultures within America and within the greater international community, but the dichotomy of collectivism and individualism appears to be a common way to categorize cultures based on their worldviews (Hwang, 2005).
2. These cultural differences often can complicate different functions of society, including education. When individuals from one setting interact with individuals from another, information may be misunderstood and some difficulties can arise from these complicated interactions. Thus, various researchers discuss that educators who
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It is essential that there is a clear understanding of how collectivism and individualism represent different views on culture and community, but that they are also held within the same continuum (Leake & Black, 2005). Every culture contains elements of both, but the focus of each culture is where the difference lies. And these differences are constantly shifting and changing, which means that they should not simply be judged in a snapshot but should be understood as they constantly change and adjust (Triandis, 1993).
2. Collectivism
a. Within this study, collectivism can be best understood by noting that individuals are “interconnected and embedded in interdependent social relationships, along with normative prescriptions and values about the priority to be given to individual and group interests” (Brewer & Chen, 2007, p. 133). This is a complex term with many implications, but it is important to establish a starting definition that can lead to a comprehensive discussion of the topic.
b. Other major domains of collectivism can be seen as “relatedness, belonging, duty, harmony, advice seeking, context dependent, hierarchical, and group oriented” (Shulruf et al., 2013, p. 174). The researchers even state how communication styles can differ due to these domains. Thus, considering these terms and their implications helps to create a proper framework and understanding of collectivism as a mindset or greater

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