The Demise of the Roman Empire

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A little over 2000 years ago Rome was one of the most important cities in the world. With its many emperors and armies it had gained control of a vast area of modern Europe known as the Roman Empire. Historians have linked several factors which led to the demise of the Roman Empire mostly associated with each other. Some of the reasons were the arrival of Christianity, lead poisoning and poor public health, political corruption with high military expenses, high unemployment with a rise of inflation and taxation in the economy. It was a combination of these factors which eventually led the final fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD when the last emperor Augustulus Romulus was overthrew by a Germanic Guard named Odoacer.

Rome was a Republic for almost 500 years where Julius Caesar was one of the most important generals until his assassination in 44 BC. As a result of Caesars death civil war broke out where roman generals fought each other until Caesars nephew Octavian won in 27 BC. He became the first Roman Emperor and changed his name to Caesar Augustus and ruled until 14 AD. He was declared a God after his death. It was he who set up the first Praetorian Guard as his bodyguard and it was with their support that he could tell the senate what to do. During his reign Jesus was born in Palestine which was mainly occupied by Jews, who believed there was only one God unlike the Romans who believed in many Gods. Jesus gathered many followers who believed he was the son of God and these people called themselves Christians.

Caesar Augustus’ stepson Tiberius took over as emperor after his death, he was the second emperor and from then on many successful generals who used their armies to seize power became emperors. Many of these...

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