The Defining Legacy of Vimy Ridge

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Since before the First World War, Canadians have had a long history of weakness, cowardice, and insipidity. Seen as feeble and insignificant, Canada had often been overlooked by the European superpowers; until April 9th 1917. On this day, Canadian Corps completed the task of capturing the once German-held Vimy Ridge. Canadian success is attributed to their communication and precise planning that allowed them to stay one step ahead of the enemy. Canadians created new and innovative tactics that made for a more efficient offensive line. Also, the battle resulted in Canada’s autonomy, nationalism, and patriotism that changed the course of Canadian history forever. The battle of Vimy Ridge is considered the defining moment for Canada as it emerged from under the shadow of Britain and for the first time, felt capable of greatness.
A big reason behind Canadian victory at Vimy is due to the preparations made beforehand. To understand the demand for such intense preparations made by the Canadians, it is necessary to understand why this Battle was so significant. “The taking of Vimy Ridge was very important offensively as it was a key position of the German line in Northern France, but it was even more important for the Germans to not lose Vimy Ridge”(Stephens). If the Allies are successful in capturing the ridge, German position on the battlefield would significantly weaken. Should the Allies take the Ridge from the Germans, they would have a clear view of German positions throughout the Douai Plain. For the Germans, winning this Battle was extremely important as the Ridge defended the Hindenburg line as well as the western front. The battle was important to win because Vimy Ridge was an important strategic point that gave a perfect opp...

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