The Death Penalty Violates the Right to Life

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The Death Penalty Violates the Right to Life The moral problem surrounding the death penalty is that capital punishment violates the right to life. In the Roman Catholic Church we are supposed to love our neighbors as we love our selves. If we support the death penalty then we are not supporting every individual right to life. Which is fundamental and absolute sacred right that belongs to each and every person. The arguments for capital punishment include the following: 1) the death penalty can be Used as a deterrent to crime. 2) If the death penalty was abolished that may increase the Rate of murders. 3) The punishment should fit the crime. 4) The instinct for retribution is part of the nature of man and channeling that instinct in the administration of criminal justice serves an important purpose in promoting the stability of a society is unable to impose upon criminal offenders the punishment they deserve then there are sown the seeds of anarchy. (Social Ethics, chap. 3 pg. 110) The arguments against the death penalty include the following: based on statistics published on the Internet, amnesty international states “since 1977 four hundred and forty five people have been executed thirteen as of March 19, 1998. Of the four hundred and forty five executed, twenty three were wrongfully convicted” There is no credible study has yet been produced any solid scientific evidence that the death penalty deters violent crime. The penalty of death is final what if we were wrong. Imprisonment would rehabilitate the criminal. My position is that the punishment should fit the crime. If someone commits murder they Should be put to death. Society has become desensitized to violence with all the movies Glamorizing ... ... middle of paper ... ...was flogged for vandalism. I bet if you were to speak to that person today I would imagine he learned a valuable lesson. Society should not be tolerant to criminals. If a person commits murder and is found guilty he or she should be put to death. There should not be fifteen appeals in a case. If you did it and are found guilty then you should be punished. I keep referring to O.J. Simpson but he was a former wealthy black man who was obviously guilty of murder. He fled the scene and led the police on a car chase. That is not the actions of an innocent man. Essentially he was able to pay for his freedom. This is wrong wealthy people should not be able to buy their freedom when they are guilty. Society needs to reevaluate are position on the death penalty and make it Legal in all fifty states. Otherwise there will be a lot more O.J. Simpsons running around.

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