The Death Penalty: The Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment Some people refer to “Capital Punishment” and the “Death Penalty” as the same concept; whereas others say that the death penalty only refers to the penalty itself, while capital punishment refers to the actual execution. However, these two words are often used interchangeably to refer to the same concept. There is a story about a man named Manny Babbitt who broke into an apartment and killed a 78 year-old woman. Babbitt was in the Marines and was awarded the Purple Heart. Later on, he was diagnosed and suffered with PTSD and schizophrenia. Eventually, he married a lady named Theresa Guertin and had two children. After returning to the states from war, he committed many felonies, like burglaries, and one assault. He committed…show more content…
However, many debates are rising between people about whether or not capital punishment is a good thing or a bad thing. Not everyone agrees with the idea of a person being put to death for a crime. One opposing argument for capital punishment is that it is hypocritical and immoral because it does the very thing the government is trying to stop. Another argument is the death penalty can kill innocent people if not fully proven guilty. Finally, the death penalty also denies the sanctity of life; by executing people, the action does not protect their life and, therefore, denies the sanctity of a human being’s right to be alive in the world. There is a lot of tension between whether or not capital punishment is a moral thing. Capital punishment is only a good punishment to a certain extent because it takes away a criminal capable of more awful things. Many people think that capital punishment should continue to be a form of punishment and should be used throughout the country and world. If people on death row could be charged without a doubt and be executed at the time they are proven guilty, many problems could be resolved such as exoneration. Many people are exonerated, meaning being absolved from a crime, when on death row by petitioning for a new trial. If the guilty person would immediately receive the punishment when placed on death row, the problem of exoneration would be resolved. Capital punishment provides closure for the victim and his family, the criminals are not able to commit more horrendous actions, deters criminals from committing more crimes, and the threat of homicides would decrease tremendously, if people were put to death once they committed a murder. Capital punishment is also less expensive than life imprisonment. When keeping these felons in jail for multiple years, the cost is extremely expensive. The jail has to pay for medical expenses, food,
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