The Day Of The Triffids Analysis

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I read The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham and want to say something about how the author uses two literary categories, which are, setting and characters in his novel. The first setting in the novel is the hospital centered in London during the 1950s. This hospital holds significance because it saves Bill Masen from the blinding catastrophe in the sky. The hospital walls signify a future for Bill. The author purposefully uses this setting to his advantage to set up the rest of the outrageous and descriptive story line that is to come. The second setting is written in the middle of London in the beginning days of this post-apocalyptic time. London is specifically the most important setting introduced in this novel because the big city…show more content…
He is first mentioned when a group encounters him being commandeering. Through self-realization Wilfred changes his values and ends up saving Bill, Josella, and thousands of others. His ideals become realistic so in the end he is able to accomplish his goal of taking care of everyone. The author carries sympathy for Coker towards the end of the novel.
The last character that holds the most influence over the other characters is The Colonel. This man is a destructive leader who uses force when needed. This causes Josella and Bill to escape his presence in Essex and go to Wilfred’s island. His greedy mindset is the main idea that unintentionally pushed the main characters to safety. Even though he is harmful to the world, unbeknownst to him, he still ends up helping others. The Day of the Triffids is composed of a dim outlook on life after world failure and the way characters are able to go about this life. This novel is able to provide vivid details as if you are witnessing this world first hand. I was intrigued till the end with all of the complexities Wyndham offers. Writing about this literature is almost more interesting than reading the book, because you are forced to finally experience the influence that the book has resonated with you. The most powerful message the book provides is its ability to change you. After all, what kind of literature is worth the read if it didn’t have the power to make you search your mind for the truth, and become a topic of conversation at one point or
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