The Day I Had Lymphoma

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I would never forget the day when the doctor announced that I had lymphoma. It was the darkest moment of my young life. At that point in time, I had absolutely no idea what caused lymphoma, let alone what it was. I never knew that such a thing existed, neither did I know that it was a common form of cancer in young adults. I had no idea that I had lymphoma. It was only when lymph nodes started swelling in my neck that I knew that something was wrong. At first, I was adamant to go to a doctor. I only made up my mind to visit the doctor when my condition worsened and I started to lose weight quickly and unexpectedly. I knew that the sudden decrease in weight was not due to my eating habits- I had always been eating three meals daily, and ate …show more content…

The results of the checkup were to be released on the fifth of May, five months after my thirteenth birthday. That day, I innocently strolled into the hospital humming a joyful tune. I would never have guessed the trial that lay ahead of me. When I saw the doctor’s grim face, I felt my heart plunge downwards rapidly. Perhaps I had a sixth sense, but I knew something bad was about to happen. I could feel it in my veins. “I am going to be blunt here. You have lymphoma and might die soon.” I never knew words could hurt that much. At least, not a mere fourteen words. It seemed as if the sun had set on my universe, bringing about darkness and gloom. The hope and optimism I once possesed were nowhere to be found despite how hard I searched for them. It felt like the entire world had given up on me. “Might die soon… Might die soon.” This phrase went round and round my head until it became dizzy. I had never thought of death before. To think that I was going to die before my parents, my friends, and even my younger brother. To think that I had so much unfinished business to complete before I left this world. To think that I had never had had the chance to tour the world and take time to appreciate its natural beauty. To think that I would die before I could make a name for myself. All this struck me hard, and I went into desperation. I was wallowing in self pity, and was consumed by anger. Why did this befall on me? Why was I the unlucky one?

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