The Dangers of Illegal Butt Injections

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For generations young women have desired the beautiful physiques displayed by the stars of their era. Whether it was Marilyn Monroe in the 1950's, Pam Grier in the 70's, or Halle Berry in the late 90's and 2000's, young ladies dreamed of emulating the jaw-dropping and unbelievable figures of the Hollywood, superstar bombshells. Until now, young women's efforts to be more like the stars have been seemingly harmless. They may have tried a crazy binge diet or a "miracle pill" to give them that certain look they wanted, but in most eyes it was believed to be normal efforts to acquire "the look" of the times. Today's female icons have a slightly different look to them. What was once frowned upon, and deemed as being fat, is now the thing that most women want. That's right! It's booty! Some women are stopping at nothing, and risking everything to get that J-Lo/ Beyoncé backside. They're achieving this feat by attending what are now known as, "pumping parties" or "butt shots," which are causing major physical damage and even death to women who use it. Illegal butt injections have become more prevalent throughout the last few years, and with legal buttocks enhancement costing upwards of $10,000 dollars, this cheap alternative has become notoriously popular as the go-to procedure for a thicker and fuller gluteus maximums. But, these injections come with a higher price. Since the rise in these illegal injections, both police officials and doctors have found that uneducated, non-licensed personnel are injecting industrial grade silicone directly into the hips and derrieres of women, which in turn is causing extremely serious health complications. Dr. John Martin, a plastic surgeon in Coral Gables, FL said, “Illicit... ... middle of paper ... ...h to increase their buttocks size through cosmetic surgery, they should resort to a professional, board certified, plastic surgeon. A professional procedure would consist of a certified doctor, who removes fat from another part of your body (normally your belly), and injects it into the hips and buttocks. This is a much safer and smarter procedure than black market injections. While this route may cost you more financially, at least you will still have your life. Works Cited Crocker, Lizzie. “Illegal Butt Injections Are on the Rise and Women Are at Risk.” 13 October 2012 Web Martin, John, Dr. “Get It Right.” Mell Simpson Publishing Company. 21 February 2012. Print Salahi, Lora. “Underground Butt Injections Exposed.” 12 August 2013. Web Wonder, Vanity. “Shot Girls.” Author House 23 March 2012: 32. Print

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