The Cultural Heritage Site of the Anstey’s Building

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About the Anstey’s building
According to UNESCO, heritage is considered to be our legacy from the past, what we live with today and what we pass on to future generations. This extract will specifically examine the cultural heritage site of the Anstey’s building, but prior to that, one must first define what cultural heritage is or is conceived to be. Cultural heritage is an embodiment of sites or people, particular to this investigation, cultural heritage sites are portrayed through architectural designs which display a certain uniqueness of that particular building. What is significant about the Anstey’s building is that it is a tangible site, its existence is still prevalent in this day and age, despite that its function have been altered to suit the usage of the time
According to the (heritage portal), The Anstey’s building was originally built as a department store in 1935, which was housed by Norman Anstey. The building was said to have “right-angle apartment blocks with cylindrical glazed windows…rising off a four story podium, with a rounded corner” (artefacts). What make...
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