The Crime Rate Of The City Of Atlanta

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When the City of Atlanta is mentioned, individuals automatically associate the city with its positive attributes, such as, the beautiful lights, family activities and tourist attractions. The crime that occurs often goes unmentioned; however it is increasingly becoming an issue. Forbes ranked Atlanta as the sixth dangerous city in the US with a violent crime rate of 1,433 per 100,000 residents. The city’s crime rate correlates with its poverty levels and low education rates along with Beccaria’s ideas of punishment being swift, severe and certain. Poverty has a direct effect on crime. You can associate the two topics in several ways beginning with the frame of mind individuals have. Those who are impoverished, often come from single parent households and disregard morality because they are not able to have the same luxuries as others. When parents are inattentive to their children because they are working in an effort to provide for their household or simply because of bad parenting, the environment is left to raise the child. It is extremely important to provide positive guidance to adolescences as a deterrent because deviance eventually results to involvement in criminal behaviors. In 2013, property crime and larceny-theft were the highest index of crimes. These two categories show that theft was both a reoccurring crime and major issue in Atlanta. According to a study conducted by Adam Atler of New York University, the feeling of being financially deprived causes individuals to steal. In my opinion, that mentality is very juvenile yet it occurs within the city on the daily basis. People often feel destitute when they compare themselves to others who appear to have more money or material things. The crime statistics also... ... middle of paper ... ...ties are less likely to partake in deviant behaviors. Some people may argue that education has nothing to do with crime, but when in reference to inner city children education is a key factor. Children are often exposed to mature things a young age and are influenced easily by the things they see within their communities. In 2013, Atlanta Public High Schools graduation rate increased from 50.9 percent to 58.6 percent, which is a significant improvement. However, the graduation rate factor in those who took more than 5 years to graduate or received their GED. Gary Becker of the University of Chicago claims that improvement within schools essentially reduces illegal activities because it presents the individuals with rational thinking about the repercussions of their actions. There was also another study that supports evidence that additional schooling reduces crime.
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