The Creator Who Started the Trend of Vampire

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The Creator Who Started the Trend of Vampire

Bram Stoker was the author of the world-wide famous novel, Dracula (1897). He was born on November 8, 1847 in Dublin, Ireland. His full name was Abraham, but was called Bram for short. Unlike today’s families, he grew up living with seven siblings. When he was young, he was an enfeebled child bedridden for his first 8 years. His father, Abraham Stoker (1799-1876), was a civil servant – someone who works for the government – and his mother was Charlotte Mathilda Blake Thornley (1818-1901). He married actress Florence Baleombe (1858-1937) in 1878. Stoker and Florence had one son named Irving Noel Thornley Stoker (1879-1961). (Merriman, 1)

Even though Stoker was a sallow child, he eventually recovered and was able to attend Trinity College to study a variety of subjects. He studied mathematics, participated in sports, and was designated a spot on the school council as president of the Philosophical Society. He graduated with honors in 1870. (Merriman, 1)

Due to his father’s occupation, Bram Stoker himself became a civil servant while reviewing dramatic theater. Stoker quit being a civil servant to pursue his career as a writer through the meeting of Sir Henry Irving (1838-1905), an actor for William Shakespeare’s plays and manager of the Lyceum Theater in London. With Sir Henry Irving, being one of Stoker’s reliable friends, he offered him the job of becoming co-manager of Lyceum Theater in London, where he continued to delve into the writing world. (Weinfeld, 365) From there on, he wrote many books, one of which he created the masterpiece Dracula (1897).


Stoker’s first copy of Dracula (1897) was published in the year 1887, starting the trend of vampires. It underwent numero...

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...tinue to live on to this day. He based Count Dracula on two historical people – Vlad Tepes and Elisabeth Bathory. Using mainly these two characters, Stoker created a book on which it would be the founder of vampire books.

Without the existence of Bram Stoker, vampires might not have been as popular as they are today. For instance, in today’s world, vampire books such as Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and Vampire Academy have become world famous through vampirism. Movies have even been based on Dracula (1897), similarly close to the original, using special effects on how to kill a vampire. Without the publication of Dracula (1897), there would not have been dark, gory, or evil stories to set off the advances using a new essence of writing. With Stoker’s great mind and ability to create Dracula (1897), it changed the thought of many writers throughout the world.
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