The Couple: A Fictional Narrative

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"The more you started showing up, the more I ended up thinking about you. My past relationships weren't going well. I just couldn't stay interested in any girl for more than a week. In the end, they were all the truly boring ones. You on the other hand, you stood up for my sister a lot, even though she was the idiotic type to keep allowing toxic people back into her life. I saw that those people would torment you or try to bully you while Giselle wouldn't do a thing out of fear. You kept at it though, for about four years. Hell, I thought it was miracle for Giselle. She had a true friend right in front of her, but she couldn't appreciate shit. Even now, she pisses me off." I chuckled at that. I can only imagine all the things he would tell …show more content…

"Yes. At the funeral, I couldn't even think of my feelings for you when Brett died. I couldn't let myself feel as excited as I was depressed knowing that you were finally free and alone. The demon in me was smiling and I was struggling. You have no idea how much I wanted to run up to you by his casket and hold you." "Oh.. Desmond that would've been-" "Disastrous? Yes. I know. His own funeral with me snatching away his love. I couldn't-" "No," I cut him off softly. "It would've meant the world to me. I had no one at the time, Desmond. I was constantly alone after he died. You were the only one I was hoping for when it came to company. We both knew him best. I was especially pissed when you never once contacted me and I tried to reach you. I was feeling like the victim.. When that was all so wrong." He stares at me with his brows scrunched together, as though in complete disbelief. I can tell he feels like an idiot. An idiot finally understanding that he was wanted. I had wanted him. Even now, I want him. "Alexandra.. You have know idea how long I've dreamt of this." He says as he moves his hand down to my neck and leans into my face to give me another tender kiss. My god, that impossible squeezing between my thighs just gets

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  • Narrates how they thought it was miracle for giselle, who had a true friend right in front of her, but couldn't appreciate shit.
  • Narrates how they chuckled at the thought of the man strangling her first. it was only when she clearly chose to have her dirt bag friends around that they dropped her.
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