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1. Hi everyone! Have you ever wondered where the happiest place on Earth is? I am not referring to Disneyland. Do you know what country is the happiest country in the world? I have actually lived in that country for 18 years. My name is Uyen Vo. Today I will present to you the happiest country in the world. 2. According to The World Happiness Report, Denmark has been continuously crowned as the happiest country in the world since the report was first launched in 2012. In case you don’t know, Denmark is in Northern Europe with a population of 5.6 million 3. So what is happiness? For most people, being happy starts with having enough money to have more spending freedom and more leisure time. But for others, happiness means being healthy. It’s also about having good times with friends and family 4. The world happiness report based happiness on these six factors: GDP per capita Healthy life expectancy Having someone to count on Perceived free to make life choices Freedom from corruption Generosity 5. So let me explain why Denmark is ranked no. 1. • DENMARK SUPPORTS PARENTAL CARE • HEALTH CARE IS A CIVIL RIGHT • GENDER EQUALITY IS HIGHLY PRIORITIZED • BIKING IS THE NORM • Danes are generous to each other 6. Now let me explain how exactly. First, Denmark supports parental care. The first few years are important for a child’s development. Hence, mother can be on maternity leave for 52 weeks and being paid 100%. While it is 12 weeks in the U.S. and no national program to cover her leave. 7. What else? All Danish children have access to free or low-cost childcare, which means young mothers can return to work. In Denmark, 79% of mothers return to their previous level of employment, compared to 59% of American women. ... ... middle of paper ... ... to the same source. No doubt that Denmark and the United States are very different countries. The question is: What can we learn from Denmark? 18. Note! That The Danes’ happiness did not develop overnight It has evolved over many decades. The Danes are very engaged and informed people, politically and economically. In their last election, 89 percent of Danes voted. They took part in the happiness in their country 19. I encourage you to take a moment and think about what happiness really means to you. Are you happy if you have lots of money or are you happier if you are healthy and free from pain? 20. Society and politics have influence over your happiness. In order to improve something whether it is the healthcare, school, or any other system, one needs to be well informed and actively involved to make better decisions. Thank you listening.

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