The Controlled Substance Act Was Approved By Congress

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The Controlled Substance Act was approved by congress in 1970. This act was originally designed to assist drug research, education, and rehabilitation (Goode, 1972, p.49). The act also established categories or “schedules” for different drugs to be classified into (Goode, 1972, p.50). After the act was passed, it was later proved that the importance of this act focused mostly on the enforcement of drug laws. This proved to be a problem because it did not focus on education, research and rehabilitation like it was originally designed to be (Goode, 1972, p.50). Scheduling drugs also proved to be a problem because drugs may not have been categorized like they should have been. For example, marijuana has been classified as a schedule I drug (meaning it has a high potential for abuse, no accepted medical use, and no accepted safety). Other drugs that are in the schedule I category include LSD, meth and heroin. According to current research, schedule I may not be the correct classification for marijuana (Goode, 1972, p.50). Making a Better Drug Regulation The way that the United States regulates drugs currently is descent but still has room for modifications. Not only does there need to be a focus on enforcing the scheduling of drugs, but there needs to be more of a focus on the education, research, and rehabilitation of drugs. Focusing on educating the public more about drugs and their schedules may help with many preventative measures with drug abuse. A deeper look into drug research can help determine if there are any alternative uses for drugs that we use today. A strong focus on rehabilitation will help people recover from drug use and abuse and also help create preventive measures from people using again. A New Plan For Regulat... ... middle of paper ... ...ion of the Controlled Substance Act. Law enforcement will help educate the community on the negative effects on drug use and abuse. Researching older drugs may help to to find new uses or abuses for the drugs which can also help ensure that drugs are in the correct schedules. Rehabilitation will be used as an alternative to incarceration to hopefully help offenders get clean and deter them from using again. The extreme measures of incarceration may have to be used though when someone becomes a 3 time repeat offender. This new program also has law enforcement getting more involved with doctors and pharmacies to help the prevention of addictive prescriptions being give out when they are not needed. Hopefully this new program will help to fill in the gaps for the Controlled Substance Act and and make regulation of drugs as a whole a smoother and more effective process.

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