The Contraceptive Injection Stops Reproduction

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MYP Science One World Essay: A Reproductive Technology - The Contraceptive Injection
All around the world, people want to experience sexual intercourse without pregnancy. Women can get pregnant when a sperm fertilizes one of their eggs. Contraception attempts to stop fertilization by either stopping the sperm from reaching the egg or by altering egg production. The contraceptive injection is a long-term method to prevent pregnancy through altering egg production.

How injections work:
The injection is injected into a muscle in your bottom or upper arm. Medroxyprogesterone acetate, a progestogen (synthetic progesterone), is released into the bloodstream over the course of eight to twelve weeks (source: Mirena). This stops ovulation, thickens the mucus in the cervix so that sperm cannot fertilize the egg, makes the endometrium thinner so that the vagina is unable to support a fertilized egg and sometimes stops the egg from being released (source: NHS). When the injection is in effect, women have menopause (reduced menstruation). If a women is given their injection during the first five days of the menstrual cycle, they will be immediately protected from pregnancy. If a women is given their injection on any other day, they will need to use other contraception methods for seven days (source: Planned Parenthood).

Effectiveness and limitations of injections:
The contraceptive injection provides a contraception method that lasts eight to twelve weeks, depending on the manufacturer. This eliminates problems that arise from forgetting to use contraceptive methods. It is an alternative to estrogen-based contraception methods, decreases dysmenorrhoea (painful menstruation) occurring due to menorrhagia (long and heavy menst...

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...not based on hormones are acceptable. They believe life begins when the egg is fertilized, and using hormone based contraceptives would be harming the egg, or life (source: BBC). However, Hinduism does not ban any form of birth control. Some Hindu scriptures give advice on contraception, however, Hindus accept that they have a duty to have a family (source: BBC). Islam forbids sexual intercourse outside marriage, and regard children as a gift from God. Eight of the nine Islamic law schools permit contraception, however, contraception should only be used with consent from the wife (source: BBC).

To summarize, the contraceptive injection is a hormone-based contraceptive method that is effective for eight to twelve weeks. There are several limitations and side effects to using the contraceptive injection, however, it is up to women themselves to decide

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