The Character Study of Chlomo in Night by Elie Wiesel

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The Character Study of Chlomo in Night by Elie Wiesel How would you describe Chlomo: • At the very beginning of the novel- What is represented as being important to him? Find two quotes to illustrate this? Chlomo is an extremely respected man in Sighet and even though his name is only said once he plays a big role in everyone's life. "My father was a cultured, rather unsentimental man" This tells us that Chlomo is not a sensitive man and he does not show emotion. Throughout the novel he helps others with there problems and people came to him for advice." The Jewish community in Sighet held him in the greatest esteem" This quote tells us how much the community in Sighet relies on him. Before and after the deportation of the Jews he was never concerned with himself, all he ever worried about was his family and others around him. Like his son, Chlomo was very religious at the start of the novel and questioned the faith as they arrived at Auswitz as he saw babies being killed. • "At the very end of the novel- what is represented as being important? Find two quotes to illustrate this". Throughout the novel "Night" Elies dad (Chlomo), does what ever he can so that he can stick with his son Elie, he sticks up for his son and tries to protect him. In the Novel, "Don't lose faith in yourself" that symbolizes all Chlomos stands for. In the novel he represents survival and strength up until his death. Being the only father figure up until his death Chlomo sticks by Elie for his survival and Elie relies on him. When Chlomo does that, it means that Chlomo has great hope in life and he knows that Elie will survive the journey. Chlomo helps Elie develops his mind and teaches him how to stay along with the group and how to survive in the horrific conditions. At end of the novel all the things that Chlomo represents and symbolized remain only in Elie as he dies, "this is the end I'm going to die here". What are the major changes Chlomo endures both physically and emotionally? Initially Chlomo is introduced to as a Holy man of the village and the father of Ellie. A stern man and rarely shows any emotion at home. He is interested in the affairs of the other villagers and they come to him for guidance and advice, he is seen as a wise man.

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