The Change of Heart

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Martin Luther King Jr.'s strategies were a success in order to gain the goals of “prohibition of discrimination in the workplace and in housing, equal rights, protection from violence, safety in the workplace, and wages that one can support him or herself on were unheard of demands at the time” (Johnson). Well, the goals Martin Luther King Jr. were not given because of his assassination in the year 1963 and the assassination of JFK stopped the process of achieving the goals/rights that many of the minorities wanted to have. After the events that happen in America everything went back to “normal” how it was before, which segregation still existed.
Now King Jr. wanted to show no aggression, and no violence that would provoke officers to arrest the Civil Rights protestors. King wanted all race to get along, be one race with no differences that would create labels to one another. The Civil Rights Movement was to show that many minorities are people and should be treated with the same rights as the White Americans. Part of the civil rights movement had two particular actions that complete the meaning why it was created and they are civil disobedience and peaceful confrontation. Civil disobedience means that a group of citizens that refuse to obey any laws that are immoral and discriminating and it is a non-violent resistance that many believe is the right thing to do to show people they want an peaceful agreement with the government. One of the great examples is Rosa Parks of how she refused to not give up her seat for a white American.
This showed how she can have so much encouragement and bravery for not obeying the law at the time was to give up her seat for the white folk she was arrested, but this action passed on encourageme...

... middle of paper ... aggression by anyone was committed than the movement would also be a failure as well.
The many great lucky moments that exists that both Bull Connor and the Television created one of the most historical events in America which is achieving the civil rights to all minorities and segregation became nonexistent. Television was one of the most important key that saved and accomplished what all minorities wanted, the change of heart from the white folk. Many Americans joined the movement and support the minorities, now that the Americans started to join within the movement this is when the officers stopped the immoral attacks that they were committing to the minorities and decided to give the civil rights. Many Americans believed white folk are superior than the minorities and with the care of their “own race” they didn't wanted to commit any immoral actions at all.

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