The Call Of The Wild, Of Mice And Men, And The Color Purple

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Have you ever found yourself in an extremely tough and difficult situation and wanted to give up? What about a life threatening situation? Well, The Call of the Wild, Of Mice and Men, and The Color Purple all feature these situations. The characters are faced with arduous decisions to make, whether to give in or not. They all end up persisting and standing firm. The Call of the Wild by Jack London, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, and The Color Purple by Alice Walker, use the different rhetorical devices of personification, similes, and tone to achieve the same purpose of showing the struggle, discrimination, and poor treatment of animals, migrant farmhands, and African American women to show the importance of perseverance and never surrendering…show more content…
Buck uses his human sense of imagination to fight and persist. Without using this personification, it is likely Buck would not be able to be where he is at. Buck needs his human head of imagination to survive. London’s brilliant addition of Buck’s personification shows just how Buck is able to keep at it and never surrender. Another example of personification in the novel is, “A chill wind was blowing that nipped him sharply and bit with especial venom into his wounded shoulder” (London 49). London’s quote is personification because the wind “bites” Buck. Wind can not actually bite, thus London is attributing it an ability it does not actually have. To show the pain Buck was in, the author uses this personification, and it effectively shows the pain Buck was in. The wind does not simply blow by him, but it nips him sharply and bites with “especial venom”. The stronger abilities that London gives the wind greatly help show the struggle Buck was going through. This quote goes right along with achieving London’s purpose of showing the struggle of Buck, a sled dog, and how he perseveres and never lets down on his quest to survive because of the how wind hits him. Instead of the cold wind just blowing by Buck, it bites him with…show more content…
No matter how tough the situation might be, London, Steinbeck, and Walker all teach the reader the same thing. They show us how to keep at it and get through a tough situation. Now that we have seen some of the most difficult situations imaginable and some of strongest responses to those situations, we now know just how important perseverance is and how strong anyone can be when they do not give

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