The Benefits Of Child Labor

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Could you imagine going to school everyday, then being forced to go to work right after? You wouldn’t be able to see your family, get time for homework, or relax. This is the reality for children involved in forced child labor. “One hundred fifty-eight million children worldwide, ages 5 to 14, are involved in child labor” (Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, 2014). Child Labor is the working of children from 4 or 5 years old to 14, whether forced or not. Child labor is a serious issue for kids all around the world. Child labor for children under the age of 15 should be banned. Child labor interferes with the child’s education, is abusive, and can lead to exploitation of the child.
First, child labor should be banned because child labor
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Forced child labor from a young age can be extremely demanding of the child. If a child is working from a young age, they will not know that what they are doing is bad for them, because they won’t know anything else but work. This is abusive to the child mentally, but these jobs can also be abusive physically. Certain jobs have children weaving rugs or putting small parts together in a factory. One source says these jobs “can put intense pressure on children’s finger joints and cause lasting damage” (Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2014). If the child is unable to move their fingers properly, they could lose their fingers later in life, or have them amputated. The jobs these children do are also so dangerous to the point where children can be hurt in other ways. Children working in factories around the world can get caught in machines and hurt themselves, causing short term damage or long term damage to themselves. If the child hurts themselves at such a young age, they won’t be able to perform their jobs later in their lives. If a child is being abused and hurt both mentally and physically by numerous causes, why doesn’t child labor stop? It doesn’t stop because so many countries around the world need children to work to benefit their economy. But if these places don’t stop and realize what they are doing to their children, child labor will never stop and more children will be
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