The Ants

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A slow red sphere, pulsating with light and energy, rose across the hazy horizon; feeding the once dark and bleak island with colours, sound, and life. It was like an artist’s canvass slowly coming to life, as splashed the surface with colours and hues, and carefully put together his masterpiece. The island suddenly lit up as if someone had suddenly twisted the brightness knob on a television set, and flicked on the volume. The dark and mysterious trees and plants suddenly lit up with radiant joy, and I saw the finer detail of my surroundings in the brightness of the morning sun. As I got up I saw a multitude of ants scurrying about on the dark gnarled root, I gazed deeper into the ants world, staring in fascination at the various dark smudges, running across the root like farmers on a newly ploughed field. The black smudges crawled across the root, sometimes stopping as they came into contact with another ant waved their antennas about in joy to each other, and sometimes picking up a crumb in joy and sprinting back to the colony ecstatic with excitement. The crescendo of sound slowl...

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