The Aftermath of Munich, West Germany Olympic Games

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During the 1972 Olympics games in Munich, West Germany, the German officials wanted to set a different tone to the previous game where Hitler was in power, so West Germany came to the decision to limit the officers to make the image of Germany peaceful. Of course this would have lethal consequences because although Germany may have been peaceful at the time the world specifically Palestine was anything, but peaceful. A terrorist group Black September took 11 Israeli Olympic athletes hostages and in 24 all of the hostages were dead. This was a shock to the whole world and anger fleered in Israel, which the prime minster herself set up an agency, Mossad, to target those who where directly and indirectly involved. The documentary Munich: Mossad’s Revenge covers the formation of the agency Mossad and how they got their targets. The director of Munich: Mossad’s Revenge tries to inform and clear up misconceptions on the subject to the audience by using firsthand accounts and using multiple point of views on the subject, which overall does inform the audience on the subject, but the director still omits important events that happen. In Steven Spielberg film Munich, which was based on Mossad operations, depicted Mossads agents as a terrorist group just like the terrorist who killed the 11 Israeli Olympic hopefuls, which is clarified as being inaccurate in the documentary and a Mossads agent describe the film as “a Hollywood movie seen through American spectacles that distorts what really happened in nearly every way"(MacAskill). Of course the documentary, Munich: Mossad’s Revenge, does not mention the film itself, but it does clear up some misconceptions like how there was one team in the operation, which in reality there were number of... ... middle of paper ... ...o feel by the need that justice was made threw the operations by having the agents who lacked any regrets of the operations the final say in contrast of the opposition of the operations. The documentary can translate to other aspects of today by having the discussion of counter terrorism and if it works is still an issue not just in Israel, but also in the world. Some make the argument that it is needed in order to prevent innocent lives to be lost, while others make the argument that the only way to tackle the problem of terrorism is to resolve the problem that is conflicting the nations instead of making the problem worse. Although the documentary does have both sides of this idea it is very clear that the director wanted to make the viewer think that Mossad operations was justified to counter terrorism by having the majority of the interviews by in favor of it.

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