The Accomplishments Of Jack Nicklaus

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Golf is a sport of fun shots, and frustration shots. One of the best players ever to play the sport was Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus had many accomplishments in golf and even though I will not mention all of his accomplishments I will mention some of the most important. Jack won six Masters Tournaments, the Masters is the biggest golf tournament of the whole year, and he won his sixth Masters at the age of forty-six! He won seventy-three PGA tour wins and eighteen majors, meaning that he won either the U.S. open, the Open Championship, the Masters Tournament, or the PGA Championship eighteen times! Jack even won PGA tour player of the year five times! Jack’s accomplishments are very good but we have to start at the beginning. Jack William Nicklaus, born to Charlie and Helen Nicklaus on January 21, 1940 in Columbus, Ohio. He grew up in Ohio and attended Upper Arlington High School. In high school he played basketball and his high school gave him All-Ohio honor, he even received some scholarships, one of which was to Ohio State, the school his dad went to, but his true love was for golf. His golf career started at age ten when, for his first time playing golf shot a 51 on nine holes. From then on he won many tournaments in Ohio, including the Ohio Open. At age seventeen he competed in his first U.S. Open and at eighteen he played in his first PGA tour event. He attended Ohio State University, not because of basketball, but because of golf. While at Ohio State he won the U.S. amateur tournament twice, and the NCAA championship. Also during his Ohio State stay he played in many majors and having not won any, he finished in the top ten every time except for one where he finished thirteenth, and we have to remember this is while he was stil... ... middle of paper ... ...tte) Jack’s influence on his kids is so great his son said something like that about him! Wow, that’s amazing. Jack also influences me and other young golfers. He influences me with all the things he accomplished in golf, I want to learn how he worked to get that good and become as good of a golfer as he was. Also through this research paper I’ve learned what he did at a young age to get good and how much of and influence he was to his family. I really hope that someday I’ll be like Jack. Caring for family, being influenced by so many and then influencing many, and finally being the best golfer I can be. God blessed Jack with so many gifts. Jack won golf tournaments and is considered by many the best golfer of all time. Jack was influenced by a lot of people, especially in his youth, but what makes Jack great is how he influenced his family and many other people.

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