Texting and Driving

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Hey, have you ever question yourself or ever been ask. “How does cell phones affect driving in an automobile? Well when it come to operating a vehicle, knowing the effect that cell phones have on drivers can be important to prevent accidents on the road. In reality there are studies, research, and methods used to help understand the cell phone affect on driving in an automobile.

Wilson & Simpson, (2010), Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), that show what causes wrecks on the road by obtaining reports only on fatality that occur within 30 days of the corresponding crash. Information is collected from a variety of sources, stat registration files, and state licensing files, medical records, hospital records, and vital statistics. FARS helps show the factor of driver-related accident, cell phone is a factor FARS found, because cell phone causes distraction on the road. Wilson explains that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) uses, explains about distracting driving after the results of the FARS. Wilson & Simpson, (2010), states a total of 51857 fatalities caused by driver distraction occurred from 1999 to 2008 according to FARS data. The authors believe talking on the cell phone vs. texting, texting is more hazardous and that the effect of talking of a cell phone distracts a driver attention on the road. Study agrees Drews et al. (2009) text messaging clearly has the highest dual-task/single-task ratio, Wilson & Simpson stresses a lot about banning texting and talking on cell phone because of it trend in fatalities. However, Wilson & Simpson share that hand-free mobile devices such as Bluetooth should be considered. Benedetto el al., (2012) believe that hand held, and hand free devices are c...

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...rformance where as driving without a phone does not. In simulator study of random braking of a car Benedetto et al. (2012) put in evidence the effect of mobile phone while driving related to increasing reaction time, the decreasing of driver performance, the reduction of view. Though the question is answer once again, “How does cell phone affect driving in an automobile.” However, the sources research show many affects cell phone have while driving in the automobile, and methods use to prove the affect on accident with the use of cell phone driving. Many can consider and should already have a common knowledge of cell phones distraction. So just ask yourself “Should I really be using my cell phone while I am driving.” Which will help any person from damaging or getting into a wreckage and most important, to prevent death in a car crash or exterminating others.